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Free Coping and Stress Course


Teen Health Connection will be offering a FREE eight-week Coping with Stress course for high school adolescents ages 14-18.  The Coping with Stress course (CWS) is an evidenced-based group intervention designed for adolescents at increased risk for depression (e.g., history of parental depression, mild depressive symptoms, negative life events or significant life stress, problematic peer relationships, low self-esteem etc.). Adolescents appropriate for the group may be experiencing sub-clinical depressive symptoms, or they may not be experiencing any depressive symptoms at this time. This program involves teaching participants new skills that help them learn to identify and challenge negative patterns of thinking that may contribute to the development of future mood disorders, such as depression.

 The course will begin on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 and will be held from 4:30 until 6:00pm weekly at Teen Health Connection. Adolescents interested in the course will need to participate in an initial intake and informational session prior to the start of the group.  For more information about this group or to schedule an intake session for an adolescent please contact either Donna Smith, Ph.D. (704) 381-8367 or Jennifer Reiss, M.S. (704) 381-8377.

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