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Mecklenburg GAL Advocacy Foundation (GALA)

Helping Children Now


Mission:  To raise community awareness by educating the public about abused and neglected children concerns and the benefits of the Guardian ad Litem Program, to recruit volunteers for the Guardian ad Litem Program, and to support and promote the work of Guardians as they advocate for children.

Vision:  The vision of the Foundation is that it will serve the needs of the Guardians, and clients of the GAL Program by:

  • Having an office facility that will accommodate the program functions and house a full compliment of management, fundraising and programming staff
  • Utilizing a network of information and referral resources that includes agencies on the local and state level that support our work
  • Providing education and training programs to our Guardians, clients, and supporters
  • Offering scholarships to children in the program
  • Initiating government advocacy efforts to affect public policy on matters related to the program
  • Conducting activities to increase public awareness

You can make contributions to the Guardian ad Litem Advocacy Foundation at any time.  Please mail contributions to:

Mecklenburg Guardian ad Litem Advocacy Foundation
Co-Chairs: Suzy Garvey and Ryan LaPrade
P.O. Box 35245
Charlotte, NC  28235
For more information contact: 
call 704-686-0092
 Beyond the Classroom is a grant program available to children involved in the Mecklenburg County Guardian ad Litem. The program awards small grants (typically ranging from $50-$150) to assist the child in taking advantage of an enrichment opportunity they might otherwise not be able to participate in.Possible grants include: down payment for senior trip, deposit for tutoring, deposit for specialized summer camp, dance uniforms, musical instruments/lessons & more. Beyond the Classroom is managed and funded through theGuardian ad Litem Advocacy (GALA) Foundation. GAL volunteers may apply for a grant or make a donation to the Foundation’s BTC fund by visiting

Beyond the Classroom Grant Guidelines

Beyond the Classroom Grant Application


Full dance scholarships available to children ages 2-18 yrs who are involved in the Mecklenburg County Guardian ad Litem Program at Dancers Unite Fine Arts Academy!

 Ages 2-4 Years Old (separated by age)

 “Combination” Dance Classes (ballet, tap, tumbling & creative movement)

Kindergarten-3rd Grade (separated by age)

“Combination” Dance Classes (ballet, tap & jazz), Hip Hop/Jazz Dance Class (can take one or both of these classes)

4th-6th Grade

Hip Hop/Jazz Dance Class, Musical Theater Dance Class, Tap Dance Class (can take some or all of these classes)

7th-12th Grade

Lyrical/Contemporary Dance Class, Jazz Dance Class, Hip Hop Dance Class (can take some or all of these classes)

GALs should contact Rhonda McGuire at the GAL office for more information.

(See below for possible grant options to help pay for dance uniforms, shoes etc.)
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