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 We continue to need more  Guardian ad Litem volunteers to meet the needs of these children.


If you would like to be the voice for a child in the Mecklenburg County foster care system then joining the Guardian ad Litem Volunteer Program may be for you. Please go to and fill out an online application for Mecklenburg county.  We will process your application and call you for an interview. After your interview, if we feel that you are right for the program, we will invite you to our training.   See listing below for the office address and fax number or e-mail contacts. 

Information Packet

Volunteer Advocate Job Description


Guardian ad Litem

700 E. 4th St., Suite 300

Charlotte, NC 28202

Fax: 704.686.0076



Application Process


North Carolina Guardian ad Litem advocacy helps to move children out of the court system in a timely manner and into a safe and permanent home. GAL is mandated by statute to protect and promote the best interest of juveniles in abuse and neglect court proceedings.

This year in North Carolina an increasing number of children will need someone to give them a voice and see that their best interests are served. Because the number of cases has grown tremendously in recent years, more volunteers are urgently needed.

A Guardian ad Litem is appointed by the juvenile court and paired with an attorney to investigate the case, to make recommendations to the judge regarding a safe place or special services. You can champion an abused or neglected child and prevent them from suffering future harm.

Could you step in and speak up for a neglected or abused child in court? Could you spare a few hours a week to help build a child’s future?  Independent investigations are conducted by the GAL Program to determine the facts and needs of the child and the resources appropriate to meet those needs. Guardians ad litem also determine the wishes or expressed preferences of the child, and report those to the court.




Anyone can apply to become a volunteer for the GAL program. For more information on the program in your area if you are outside of Mecklenburg County, visit or call   1-800-982-4041.


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